Drainage and Irrigation


Water management is becoming increasingly important on athletic fields.  With pressure to have low grass heights, less rain-outs, and dense coverage, maintaining proper moisture levels is a major conern for field managers.  Jones Turf Management installs subsurface drainage to eliminate unnecessary soil moisture and automatic irrigation to add moisture to plants during summer stress.


  • Sand Channel Drainage Systems
  • French Drains
  • Golf Course Drainage
  • Site Work Drainage


  • Plumbing and Irrigation Service
  • Automatic Irrigation Systems
  • Golf Course Irrigation

Sand Channel Drainage Many different sports field drainage designs are engineered, but successful ones follow sound principles set forth by agronomists, such as Dr. Andy McNitt of Penn State University.  Sand grid drainage systems are most successful when combined with a properly designed field grade yielding positive surface run-off.  Not only do these systems aid in draining a field, they can offer pore space for root maturation.  ADS, NDS, Hancor, Water Wick, and Blec Sandmaster are just a few of the products we have used to drain fields.

French Drains The key to frensh drains is to bring coarse material, such as pea stone, rice gravel, or coarse USGA sand to the top of the root-zone, thereby giving excess water an opportunity to infilitrate and percolate through the soil profile to the drain pipe of tile.  One flaw of drainage systems is wrapping heavy separation fabric around the pipe sealing it off from the infiltrating water.

Site Work Drainage We can install reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), HDPE pipe, storm sewers, and inlets as per engineed plans.

Automatic Irrigation Systems As summer temperatures continue to rise, automatic irrigation is becoming a standard component of a well conditioned athletic field.  Whether using Rainbird, Toro, or Hunter, subsurface irrigation may involve an initial investment, but will yield a better return-on-investment with reduced manual watering costs.


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